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Lovell Safety Management’s superior level of comprehensive services distinguishes us from our competitors and allows us to secure strong financial advantages for our clients. The formula for success is simple: service is what drives safety group discounts and dividends. At Lovell, our unique service team methodology specializes in delivering the best results for our insurance programs and clients through a combination of claims, occupational safety and health services and underwriting services.

Lovell’s Claims Department has earned a reputation for fair, fast, and thorough claims handling. Personalized claims management, early claims intervention with nurse triage, and aggressive fraud prevention are key to Lovell’s success in the reduction of workers’ compensation costs.

Lovell’s Occupational Safety and Health Department offers unparalleled safety services. These services include tailored safety programs, on-site safety training, industry specific safety training materials and regulatory consultation to ensure that your investment in safety pays dividends.

Lovell’s Underwriting Department takes care in making sure new members will contribute to the financial health and performance of the group. Our team provides experience rating, payroll, classification, and audit reviews to ensure our clients are rated, classified and billed at the lowest possible cost.

#1 Ranked

Safety Group

87 + Years

Safety Group Manager

$1 Billion +

Advance Discounts
Issued to Date

$1.19 Billion +

Cash Dividends
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Innovative Concepts in Entertainment
We are very pleased with the customer service and knowledge that our organization receives from Lovell Safety Management.

They have been instrumental in our approach towards safety and risk mitigation. Lovell has assisted us with forklift training, employee training, safety talks, and Code 59 assistance to name of few.

They are responsive and understand our needs and we consider them strong business partners.

Project Renewal
We have worked with the Lovell Safety team for many years. They are knowledgeable, responsive and available to assist us with OSHA and Workers’ Comp issues and filings.

Their knowledge of our organization has helped us save time and expense on facilities and premium dollars for insurance coverage.