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A safety group is a collection of businesses who are in the same trade or industry. The members of the safety group are homogeneous or have similar work conditions, safety hazards, and job risks.

These fully insured, not-for-profit safety group programs compile members’ annual workers’ compensation premiums and then deduct the costs of claims plus administrative charges.  

All safety groups maintain a contingent balance to fund future increases of on–going claims. Any money left over after accounting for these expenses is available for payment of a dividend.

Lovell offers Safety Group Programs for 12 different industries, listed below.


  • Year–end cash dividends, averaging 25% with over $1.19 billion in dividends paid to date to our customers.
  • Cash–flow savings through advance discounts, averaging 25-30% with over $1 billion in discounts issued to date.
  • Employer costs and liability are limited to group premium with no joint and several liability (fully insured).
  • Reinsurance protection to limit the cost of any single incident.
  • Unparalleled best in class claims, safety and underwriting services.

Lovell Safety Groups

87 + Years

Safety Group Management

$1 Billion +

Discounts Issued
To Date

$1.19 Billion +

Dividends Paid
To Date


Industry Leading
Safety Groups

What others are saying about our Safety Groups

Sunrise Power Solutions
Sunrise Power Solutions is a proud member of the Lovell Safety Group. Lovell has helped Sunrise always be ahead of the curve when it comes to the safety of our company, employees, and job sites. Lovell is an invaluable partner to have when it comes to construction.

A&L Cesspool Service Corp.
We’ve been associated with Lovell Safety for many years. An extremely diligent organization. Super responsive to our needs.

Highly recommended for any organization needing professional advice and guidance on all matters of safety and workers’ compensation claims.

Tri-Valley Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Lovell Safety is such a valuable resource to have for any organization.

We rely on the team for monitoring workers’ comp claims/mods and also continued instruction for our employees on the current safety/OSHA policies and guidelines.

P&K Contracting, Inc
P&K has been a member of the Construction Industry Safety Group #469 since 1/1/2005 and will always be with Lovell for their services and guidance.

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